Manufacturing PCBs and prototype parts

2990€ incl. VAT and shipment to Austria

Simple PCB Prototyping


Printed Circuit Board

Bicylce Lamp

Custom Prototypes

Wallet without Cards


Wallet Close up

Ultra precise Micromilling

Gear with shaft

Two Gears


Simple to use

Simple to use

Made with the MINImill

Bicycle Lamp

Voltage – Regulator

Tiny Gearbox


Industrial grade components

Pre cut materials


MINImill PCB Workshop @ Makerfaire
18. May 2017
The qBot MINImill is at the Makerfaire Vienna. We are also offering a PCB milling workshop on Saturday (16:30 to 17:30) at the Makerfaire. We welcome all makers...
MINImill got featured on Tuvie!
16. January 2017
One of our favorite Design-blogs, Tuvie featured the MINImill! It is now standing among the worlds most exciting and futuristic designs. We are very excit

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