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420x300x65 mm

MDF Mounting Plate

Optional Aluminium T Nut Table

20 mm linear shafts in X,Y; 16mm in Z

175x150x65 mm

Aluminium Work Table

PCB Mount Kit

16 mm linear shafts

300W Spindle, 48V

12.000 rpm, ER11 Collet

For 3mm & 1/8″ Endmills

Optional 1-6mm Endmills

200W Spindle, 48V

12.000 rpm, ER11 Collet

For 3mm & 1/8″ Endmills

Optional 1-6mm Endmills


Trapezoidal Screw TR8x2 with Direct Drive

Optional Ball Screw 1204 with Direct Drive

Up to 3500mm/min


1204 Ball Screw

Direct Drive Technology

Up to 3500mm/min


Direct PCB Probing optional

Easy Mount System optional

Aluminium T-Slot Table optional


Direct PCB Probing

PCB Easy Mount System optional

Vacuum table optional


560x770x390 mm

25 kg


400x400x400 mm

25 kg


The qBot MINImill is made and tested for a wide variety of materials:

Wood, for nice looking gadgets and enclosures

Plastics, for more functional parts

Acrylic, for transparent or translucent projects

Modelling-foam, in different strenghts, depending on what you want to make. From casting, to vacuumforming and even aluminum-forming, all the forms you need can be made with the highest precision on a MINImill.

Circuit boards (FR1, FR2, FR3), to make development of new products eaysier and a lot faster, MINImill is capable of milling single- and doublesided layouts down to small SMT-devices like 0603 resistors

If you need inspiration, or just want to check out projects that other people have already made, have a look at our Instagram-page.


MINImill uses an Arduino Uno with the awesome “GRBL” open-source machine controller

The power supply can be used in 230v and 110V systems, so the MINImill can be used not only in one country, but everywhere!

MINImill is safe to use. The main-power switch disconnects it from the grid, and the fuses protect it in case of a failure.


We recommend our free MINImill Software, which includes a Slicer for PCB (.gerber) and 2D/3D files (.dxf, .stl).

However as our MINImill runs on GRBL it can be controlled by any GCODE sender which works with GRBL. Just check out their GitHub-page, they have some recommendations there.

1 Prices including VAT
2 Combined movement of X- and Y-Axes
Technical Data may be subject to changes.