GCODE Macros

Our MINImill software supports pre configured macros which means that you can link sets of GCODE commands to a physical or virtual button. The Macro function enables you to automate recurring tasks.

We use the Macro function to set work coordinates for clamping tools, returning the milling machine to the home position or tool length sensor measurement.

For more advanced usage you can implement JavaScript based commands in your Macro which enables you to use 3D measurement sensors for e.g. bore mid measurement. We have an own sub section for JavaScript based programming.

A click on “GCODE”shows the GCODE of your Macro. You can change and edit the Gcode.

The button button „Shortcut“ links your Macro to a physical button. In the example, the Macro is connected to the button “Q”.

Name is the name of your Macro. The name is shown for the virtual button under GCODE if you clicked on show.

”Show” shows your Macro as a virtual button in the GCODE module. You can hide your Macro with an unselect.

”Delete” deletes your Macro.