MINImill CAD – CAM Software with GRBL GCODE Sender

Test and use our new CAD CAM software solution for desktop CNC milling machines for free.

  • Free CAD CAM solution for 2.5D milling
  • Integrated drawing module with dxf and image import
  • MINImill GCODE Sender – compatible with GRBL milling machines
  • Download now for free


    The free download includes the entire MINImill software solution. The new drawing module including our CAD CAM moduleis currently still in the test phase. We welcome feedback on our new CAD CAM solution.

    Drawing Module

    Easily create drawings of your milled parts or import DXF drawings.

    CAD CAM Module

    Program the milling paths for production on your CNC milling machine.

    GRBL Controller

    Control your GRBL milling machine directly. Optimized for MINImill CNC milling machines.


    We publish our knowledge in our WIKI. Read our instructions in our WIKI.

    Open WIKI

    And the best? 100% Free

    MINImill CNC Software Suite. Drawing Module + CAD CAM Module + GRBL Controller

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which milling machines are compatible with the software?

    The MINImill CNC milling machines are based on GRBL. All of our software products are optimized for our MINImill CNC milling machines. According to the DIN ISO standard, the GCODE should be compatible with GRBL, Estlcam, Mach 3 and LinuxCNC.

    Is the software really free?

    Yes, we give our customers the easiest possible access to updates and therefore do not have any logins on our software solutions. However, we can only offer comprehensive support for MINImill customers.

    Who is the software suitable for?

    Our software solutions are designed for hobby users and small businesses. The CAD CAM module is designed for processing wood and plastic. We recommend professional CAD CAM programs for aluminum processing.

    MINImill KIT 2

    The QBOT MINImill KIT 2 is supplied as a kit with all components. Assemble and mill cool projects. Starting from 1696€ incl. VAT.