Automated Tool Change

The software supports manual and automatic M6 tool changes. Tools can be created, defined how the tool is picked up and put back. The T command specifies which tool will be used next.

  1. Enable tool change
  2. If enabled, M6 is supported in Gcode

  3. Manual tool change position
  4. The machine will go to this position when M6 is triggered and Manual mode (4) is activated

  5. Tool Length sensor location
  6. Position of tool length sensor is used in tool height mode, also available in gcode script. Z indicates from which height the measurement can start.

  7. Manual tool change
  8. M6 moves to the manual tool change position and prompts the user to change the tool, showing the note as well as comments written in the Gcode line of M6.

  9. Automatic tool change
  10. M6 puts back the current end mill and gets the new end mill as specified in point (12) and (13)

  11. Automatic tool height mode
  12. The tool is automatically measured, so a tool length sensor is required. The zero point of the workpiece is set with the zero point tool. This information is used to compensate for the different tool lengths.

  13. Add tool
  14. This button adds a new tool.

  15. Tools
  16. Specifies the tool number which is used in the GCODE with letter T … M6.

  17. Note
  18. Note displayed during manual tool change.

  19. Tool Gcode
  20. Opens the commands for how the tool is picked up and put back with the automatic tool change.

  21. Delete
  22. Deletes the tool

  1. Gcode get Tool
  2. Gcode commands that are executed when the tool is picked up with M6.

  3. Gcode store tool
  4. Gcode commands to be executed when the tool is put back.



T2 ; Tool 2 is being prepared
M6;Tool 2 is picked up

After a tool change, a tool length compensation could be calculated using a tool length sensor.

  • Manual
  • Approaches the tool change position and prompts the user to change the tool.

  • Automatic
  • Puts the current tool back and gets the new tool

  • Altitude mode
  • like manual/automatic then the tool is measured on the length sensor and an offset is set so that the difference in length is compensated