USB CNC remote control

CNC hand wheels or remote controls simplify the positioning on your MINImill CNC machine. You can move all three axes and control the feed rate with your remote control.

We recommend a wireless USB number pad for the remote control. However you can also use the number pad of your PC.

The following buttons are preconfigured. You can always add your own buttons via our Macros.

  • X Axes: Button 4 & 6
  • Y Axes: Button 2 & 8
  • Z Axes: Button 3 & 9
  • Changing the feed rate of the X, Y and Z buttons: Button + & –

  • The remote control is available in all windows which show the Jog slider for movement. The current feed rate is displayed above the Jog slider pad in the GCODE menu – you can change the feed rate via the + and – buttons on your number pad.