Building Instructions – Safety Case

The following steps contain the building instructions for the safety case. Please follow the instructions upon assembly carefully. We have subdivided the assembly into sub groups. We welcome your feedback to our building instructions for further improvement.


The safety case will be delivered as a set of components. The main components are described in the following:

The components are subdivided into the assembly groups for better distinction


  • 1x Front door left
  • 1x Front door right
  • 1x Backside
  • 2x Side window
  • 4x Aluminium profile rounded
  • 6x Aluminium profile flat
  • 4x Standfoot
  • 4x Wood nut M8
  • 8x M8x30 Screw
  • 24x M6x30 Screw
  • 24x sliding nut M6
  • 4x hinge(2x right, 2x left)
  • Electronics

  • 1x Electronic control board
  • 1x Emergency Stop
  • 1x Cables
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